Coupon Codes and Promotion Codes for online stores
Official Coupon codes for discounts and savings at online stores.
We offer Webmasters three ways to add current coupon codes to their own websites.  This is a free service of
Regardless of the method you choose, your visitors will always see the most updated coupon codes available.
Once installed, no further action is necessary on your part.
Method 1 Add a small drop-down box (exactly like the one above) to your web pages.
All you need to do is add this piece of code to your web pages HTML where you want the drop-down box to display.  

Click here for more information on adding a Coupon Codes drop-down box to your own web page.
Method 2 Add a link to your web page that will display a list of the most current coupon codes for a particular online store.
Simply copy and paste any of the links listed below onto your own web pages.  Click on any of the links below to test out what your visitors will see when they click on the same link on your site.
Method 3 Add some embedded HTML to your web pages that will display, directly on your web page, the most current list of coupon codes for a particular online store.
Copy and paste the Embedded HTML code below into the HTML of your web page.

Link or Embed once and the most current list of coupon codes will always be displayed on your site.
(Simply copy and paste.)
Embeded HTML
(Copy and paste into your web page HTML)

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