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Store Description:

Biocide Systems provides natural effective products containing CIO2 to eliminate the toughest odors such as urine, mildew and cigarettes in autos, homes, apartments and RVs. oom Shocker is the most effective odor eliminator for apartments, and this money-saving 10-pack includes enough Room Shocker to cover 4000 sq. ft. Ideal for property managers, real estate agents, and home restoration professionals, each Room Shocker in the bundle covers 400 sq. ft. with safe and effective odor-eliminating chlorine dioxide. RV Shocker uses our exclusive ClO2-DMG odor elimination technology to provide maximum deodorizing and odor removal from RVs. Each container of Biocide Systems RV Shocker can treat up to 300 cubic feet of space inside the RV, which is the equivalent of one small- to medium-sized RV. With Biocide Systems line of Bio-Shocker products you can eliminate the toughest and most unpleasant odors in a way no other product can. Our products effectively eliminate pet, cigarette, mold, and food odors - and so much more. We guarantee it or your money back! The secret lies in the ClO2-DMG technology or ClO2 Disposable Micro Generator exclusively developed for Biocide Systems and the Bio-Shocker odor eliminator product line.

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Official Coupon codes for discounts and savings at online stores.
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