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Store Description:

This revolutionary anti wrinkle / anti aging pillow helps you sleep on your back which promotes radiant skin! Allows you to sleep on your back or sides without creasing your face! Preserves your face product all night allowing you to wake up with your product still on your face where it belongs! Made in the USA! Flawless Face Pillow helps to promote sleeping on your back by cradling your head in place. Also allows you to move to your side without creasing your face.

But let’s fast forward and take a look at what is actually happening. It isn't as pretty as we envision. Once we drift off into sleep, we are at the mercy of our nightly habits. A lot of us try to train ourselves to sleep on our backs, but that becomes nearly impossible once unconscious. So what happens? Lets say we now roll over to our left side, and our face that was once covered in glowing moisturizer, has now met its worst rival: a pillow. Your left side is now smashing in pretty well, towards your eye area. Let's say you stay in that position for 4 hours. Now your left side is creased and dry from your product rubbing off. Your right side is still silky and smooth. That's right, until your restless body turns over to the right side. Same problem. You have now rubbed off all your product and have sleep wrinkles to prove it. What a nightmare! What we hope to wake up looking like is far from actual reality.

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