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Store Description:

At Premiere Adirondack Chairs, we believe these stylish and durable chairs remind people to sit back and enjoy life, no matter where they find themselves. Because the Adirondack Chair is becoming a backyard furniture staple, we stock them in just about every material and color combination you can think of, so the chances that you will find a set that looks like it was made for your home are pretty darn good! Our Adirondack Chairs are fashioned from materials that are made to last. Wood is the way to go if you are a naturalist, and here you will find teak and mahogany chair s that are known for their durability. Our cedar outdoor chairs come water sealed, so they will stand up to the weather through the years. You can count on them to last, and these outdoor chairs will blend into your surroundings effortlessly. Plastic Adirondack chairs come in a myriad of colors and designs, and they too will be fixtures in your backyard for years. Made from recycled plastic bottles, these eco-friendly resin Adirondack Chairs come in natural shades like white, green, and brown, and a myriad of bold colors. Our resin Adirondack Chairs are guaranteed not to fade or chip, so do not be afraid to embrace color! Buy an adirondack chair from Premiere Adirondack Chairs: cedar wood, mahogany, teak, plastic ,resin and folding. Also, outdoor Adirondack benches, gliders and kids wooden furniture.

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