Official Coupon codes for discounts and savings at online stores.

Add a Coupon Codes drop-down box to your own Web Page.  It's FREE!

If you have ever made a purchase at an online store you probably noticed an empty box on the checkout screen that said "Enter Coupon code", "Enter Promotion code", or something similar.  The online store is asking you if you have a special code that you want to use for an additional savings.  At we compile the list of these coupon/promotion codes from the online stores and make them available to online shoppers.

Offer free coupon codes on your own website and your visitors will thank you.

All you need to do is add one small line of HTML code to your web page.
This is the code:

Your web page will then display this drop-down box:   

That's it. You're done.

The drop-down box above is fully functional.  Try it out.  Select your favorite store and see what happens.  This is exactly what will happen on your site.  We do not add any advertisements.  It is completely virus-free and spyware-free.

There is no further maintenance required on your end.  We do it all on our side by updating the list of online stores and updating the list of currently available coupon codes.

Be part of this Win - Win - Win - Win program.
  • We win because the online stores reward us for listing them and promoting their stores.
  • The website visitor wins because they save money on their online purchase.
  • The online store wins because they make a sale.
  • You win because your website visitors thank you for saving them money and they will return again many times over for the same reason.
Who should add this Coupon Codes drop-down box to their web page?
  • Human Resource Managers can add it to their company intranet site as an additional employee benefit.
  • Website administrators can add it to their website to draw more repeat visitors and a way to reward their current visitors.
  • Schools, PTAs, and other public interest sites can add it to provide their visitors with ways to save money.
If for any reason you no longer want the Coupon Codes drop-down box on your web page, simply remove the one line of HTML code you added and it will be completely gone.

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Official Coupon codes for discounts and savings at online stores.
All coupon savings offers are subject to the online store's terms and valid during the life of the promotion.

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